Resume Rebuild

Resume Rebuild

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We review and audit your resume similar to the way that a hiring manager or recruiter would and Actually make and incorporate all the recommended changes. 

We will scrutinize your information, check it for grammar, syntax, sentence structure, formatting, and potential ATS issues, and other potential red flags that recruiters/hiring managers would hold against you while reviewing your qualifications (including the presentation of how you present your experience, as well as what may be missing).

If more information is needed for the resume, i.e. technical skills, more details on your skills/responsibilities, bullet points, quantification of successes, etc, that information will have to be provided by the individual at the time of purchase when the resume is submitted. If when reviewing the documents, we determine more information is needed, we will request it. 

What you will receive: You will receive a fully revamped resume for any purposes you as the purchaser decide.

 The suggestions, information, or recommendations that Simplified Resumes provides do not guarantee job interviews, job offers, or any other employment or networking affiliation acceptances.